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Courses and Programs

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Communication English

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    Communication English course are designed to help learners who have want to achieve English Communication competence from basic to advance by international standards. The courses are provided by both direct and online. As a beginner, you can also communicate by English after a three month course.



  • Academic Writing English

  • Mô tả

     Writing is one  academic skill in IELTS and TOEFL Tests. Writing is more important for those who intend to study abroad because its content, format and writing style are different to Vietnamese writing in many aspects. Those who intend to seek applying scholarship via essay and letter, writing is really necessary.

  • Summers Fantasy English

  • Mô tả

    Summer English Course at Hope English will be organized in combination of study and fun. flexible  schedule from 1 to 3 classes per week. Some class is combined with outing trip by the needs of learners. You can confidently achieve your target with  Summer Fantasy English

  • TOEIC Test Preparation

  • Mô tả

    TOEIC certificate (Test Of English FOR International Communication) by ETS (Educational Testing Service, USA) is recognized globally to assess English ability for working and daily life.  In Vietnam TOEIC is used popularly as standard for graduation of college and University and job application.

  • TOEFL Test Preparation

  • Mô tả


    High schools student those posed TOEFL 45 will be exempted for English subject exam and converted to 10 mark, and criteria to be admitted to top Universities in Vietnam, such Medicine, Pharmacy, Economics, Foreign Trading Economics.


  • IELTS Test Preparation

  • Mô tả

    High schools student those posed IELTS 4.5 will be exempted for English subject exam and converted to 10 mark, and criteria to be admitted to top Universities in Vietnam, such Medicine, Pharmacy, Economics, Foreign Trading Economics.


  • SmartJuniors

  • Mô tả

    SmartJuniors English are course  specified for the junior high school pupils, from grade 6 to 9, the best age to learn second language as English. Courses designed and taught based on Cambridge Young Learner English (YLE) and Oxford textbooks which tailored with four skills Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking 

  • SmartSeniors

  • Mô tả

    SmartSeniors  English are the courses designed for the Senior high school pupils, college and university students and adult learners. The objectives are to achieve upper-intermediate and advanced language competence and equivalent Cambridge FCE, CAE, IELTS and TOEFL certificates or Communication Capacity.




  • Mô tả

    Founded in 2014, Hope English provides English Training Courses aimed to obtain international recognized certificates such as IELTS, TOEFL TOEIC, Cambridge CERT. Adding to these certificates tailored with the fluency of four skill sets of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, learners will also improve knowledge and skill on grammars and vocabulary within the course. Hope English, in addition, provides the Academic Writing English for those who intended college and university study and Communication English for working, conversation and travel.  


    Our mission is to provide International Standardized   English Classes  based on three key elements: Quality – Reliability – Effectiveness and Inspire and cultivate the passion and joy on learning of English, together the learners and communities enriching knowledge and integrating to global.




    Toan Nguyen, IELTS 6.5 (2017)

  • Mô tả

    Toan Nguyen achieved IELTS 6.5 at grade 11 (2017) before joining university study in Canada.


  • Phuc Vu, IELTS 7.0 (2019)

  • Mô tả


    Phuc Vu, Student of Le Quy Don, HCM City, achieved IELTS 7.0 (2019) within  8-weeks class. 


  • Phu Tran, Grade 11, Daklak IELTS 6.0 (2018)

  • Mô tả


    Phu Tran, Grade 11 student from Daklak, achieved IELTS 6.0 (2018) within  8-weeks course at Hope English and now in the US University Study.


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